Sngine is not email server, Sngine will connect to your email server to send emails.

First Sngine will check if you enabled SMTP from admin panel and if not or enabled but Sngine failed to connect to your SMTP server will use default PHP mail() function to send emails.


Will give you the control from where your users will get email like “[email protected]” instead of “[email protected]” or whatever from the default PHP mail function.

To get SMTP you need to back to your hosting support or your server admin, or you can get this from your cPanel like this:

When I use SSL?

If you have SSL certificated already in your domain “HTTPS” but if you don’t have one use “Non-SSL settings”

You will get these info Username, password and outgoing server host and port and insert them in Sngine admin panel

If you have SSL on your domain and will use SMTP SSL settings you need to enable “SMTP SSL Encryption” in admin panel like the previous screenshot.

Then Save and you can also Test Connection to make sure that everything will work fine.

Sngine will try to send test email to the email you entered here:

OK I tried it and get error message?

This is not a bug or something wrong with Sngine but with your SMTP settings and you MUST back to your hosting support or server admin to get the right SMTP settings from them, also to make sure that SMTP enabled on your server as some hosting provider disable any SMTP connection via PHP scripts for security and protection reasons.

Also you can test your settings here:


Still not working?

Try this, open this file “includes/functions.php” and search for this function “function _email” and comment this line of code


like this

and save it and try again and it will work fine with you.

Google SMTP:

You can’t use Gmail SMTP not just for Sngine but for any script unless you have G Suite account

Best Practice:

For better email experience and performance it’s totally recommended if you used a third-party email service provider instead of using your mail server that already on your server.

Third-party service providers already set to handle much traffic and not get lost in SPAM detection.

For Examples:

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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