First of all you need to check that you changed the CHMOD of content/uploads folder to “777” recursively 

Plus to handle uploading limits in Sngine, there are 2 sides you need to check.

1- Server side limits

2- Sngine side limits

Server Side Limits

First you need to check your server side limits and you back to your server admin or hosting support for this, Check the followings parameters in PHP configuration



For example: the upload_max_filesize is 200M (M forMega) but you will not be able to upload files > 8M why?

because the post_max_size is 8M

And also how many files you upload at once from the max_file_uploads

Finally make sure from your memory_limit:

Nginx Server

If you are using Nginx server you need to make sure from client_max_body_size

You can check this answer to learn how to do it:


Sngine Side Limits

These limits will override the Sngine limits and can’t be changed from Sngine admin panel and Sngine support team can’t help you with them, You MUST back to your server admin or your hosting support to change these limits for you.

Finally you can check Sngine limits from admin panel -> settings -> uploads settings

From there you can manage the max allowed upload for images, videos, files and manage the allowed extensions for your network users.

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂