Sngine using gettext technology for Sngine multiple language system.

Check the benefits of gettext vs Array from here:

Using PHP Gettext Extension vs PHP Arrays in Multilingual Websites?

To edit your language just follow this video tutorial

NOTE: Language code in video was “xx-YY” and it should be now “xx_yy” for examples: ro_ro & it_it

You can get the PoEdit for FREE from here

After you made your create the new files “messages.po” & “” and save it you need to upload both files


To your server in the new location as described in the video.


After edit/add your language make sure there is no console error on your browser, For example you can in Google Chrome press F12 and click console Tab


There are some string Sngine use in JavaScript you can check them all from the following template file:


You must make sure you didn’t added translated text with special characters like double quotes “

You need to escape special characters by using “\” the slash. Like this

Save message.po to get new files and upload new files

And now there is no errors

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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