Our Sngine team is so pleased to announce the release of Sngine 2.5! With some improvements, bug fixes, and updates.

Sngine 2.5 Release Notes:

– [Updated] System Security
– [Updated] System Optimization
– [Updated] Sngine Libs
– [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
– [Updated] Installer Wizard & Pre-Installation Check
– [Updated] Sngine GTmetrix Optimization
– [Updated] Sngine Google PageSpeed Optimization

– [Added] Romanian Language
– [Added] Events
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Events on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Group Privacy (Public, Closed & Secret)
– [Added] New Group Layout
– [Added] Discover Pages
– [Added] Discover Groups
– [Added] Discover People
– [Added] Blogs
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Blogs on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Invite Friends to Events
– [Added] Invite Friends to Pages
– [Added] Invite Friends to Groups
– [Added] Stories
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Stories on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] DayTime Messages (Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
– [Added] Admin ability to turn DayTime Messages on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Replies
– [Added] Reply to Reply
– [Added] Comment Button for Mobile
– [Added] Emojies to the Publisher
– [Added] Stickers in [Posts|Comments|Chat]
– [Added] Emojis Center in admin panel [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Stickers Center in admin panel [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Discover Games
– [Added] User Played Games
– [Added] Recent Searches
– [Added] Browser Push Notifications
– [Added] Notification Highlights
– [Added] Noty Notifications
– [Added] Notifications Sound Toggle On/Off
– [Added] Friend Request email notification
– [Added] Posts Socail Share (Facebook, Twitter, …etc)
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Socail Share on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Add YouTube Smart Player (Better Performance)
– [Added] Admin ability to turn YouTube Smart Player on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Posts Settings [Admin Panel]
– [Added] PRO Package Membership Management [User Settings]
– [Added] PRO Package Membership Management [Admin Panel]
– [Added] First Name + Last Name instead of Full Name
– [Added] Login with Email or Username
– [Added] Sessions & IPs info in edit users [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Home Random Profiles on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Change Default Publisher Privacy from Admin Panel [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Newsletter accept HTML Email Templates [Admin Panel]
– [Added] @mentions now support UTF-8 charset
– [Added] Notifications after @mention after edit post/comment
– [Added] Ads in newsfeed
– [Added] Ads in Marketplace
– [Added] Enhance Ads designs & locations [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Enhance Widgets designs & locations [Admin Panel]
– [Added] New Passwords Hash System instead of MD5/SHA1
– [Added] Enhanced the debugging mode
– [Added] Sticky Sidebar in Homepage & Directory
– [Added] New default users, pages and groups profile picture

– [Fixed] CSS Bugs
– [Fixed] All Reported Bugs

From everyone here at the Sngine team, thank you for your enduring support and we really hope you love this update as much as we do!

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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