Our Sngine team is so pleased to announce the release of Sngine 2.5.4! With some improvements, bug fixes, and updates.

Sngine 2.5.4 Release Notes:

– [Updated] Documentation
– [Updated] System Security
– [Updated] System Optimization
– [Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS|Embed|HybridAuth|Smarty|Stripe|Twilio]
– [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [autosize|bootstrap.colorpicker|codemirror|datatables|mediaelement|metismenu|moment|tinymce]
– [Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Font-Awesome]

– [Added] Secured Cookies [GDPR]
– [Added] Cookies Consent Notification [GDPR]
– [Added] Admin ability to turn Cookies Consent Notification On/Off [GDPR]
– [Added] Privacy Checkbox in Sign Up [GDPR]
– [Added] Newsletter Checkbox in User Settings [GDPR]
– [Added] Directions RTL & LTR in WYSIWYG Editor
– [Added] Language Flag instead of icon
– [Added] Admin ability to change user wallet balance
– [Added] Admin ability to turn articles for users on/off [Admin Panel]
– [Added] Delete article button from article page
– [Added] Crop/Edit Profile Photo for Users
– [Added] Crop/Edit Profile Photo for Pages
– [Added] Crop/Edit Profile Photo for Groups
– [Added] Adjust Profile Cover Position for Users
– [Added] Adjust Profile Cover Position for Pages
– [Added] Adjust Profile Cover Position for Groups
– [Added] User isn’t able to see blocked users comments at any posts and vice versa
– [Added] User isn’t able to see blocked users posts in mutual groups & events and vice versa
– [Added] Ads in Article
– [Added] Widget in Article
– [Added] Chat box name now clickable [Chat]
– [Added] Chat Colors [Chat]
– [Added] Blog Categories
– [Added] Manage Blog Categories in Admin Panel
– [Added] Abilty to post mobile emojies on posts, comments, and messages

– [Fixed] Disable blocked people from sent chat messages [Chat]
– [Fixed] When I delete the message of the “X” friend, then the friend “X” message to me but not display [Chat]
– [Fixed] Forums Order Bug
– [Fixed] Verified badge on Search Results & Notifactions
– [Fixed] Uploaded GIF image check
– [Fixed] Article URL for better SEO
– [Fixed] Pin/Unpin Posts for Pages
– [Fixed] Boost/Unboost Posts if package’s limit reached
– [Fixed] Deleted Articles in Search Results
– [Fixed] Notification post forum reply bug
– [Fixed] Event location if empty
– [Fixed] Negative amount in wallet transfer
– [Fixed] Empty post bug
– [Fixed] Upload page/group picture/cover from different admin
– [Fixed] Delete page/group picture/cover from different admin
– [Fixed] Blocked users from people you may know
– [Fixed] Minor Bugs

From everyone here at the Sngine team, thank you for your enduring support and we really hope you love this update as much as we do!

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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