How to translate the static pages like about us to different languages?

First of all if your Sngine version is v2.4.2 or less you need to open this page “static.php” via and code editor, You can use Notepad++ it’s FREE. and will work fine with you.

Then you need to add this line of code after line 25

$static['page_text'] = $smarty->fetch('string:'.$static['page_text']);

so the page will be like that

Now go to admin panel and edit the page you want to edit or add a new page as you want

and make the text like that

{if $system['language']['code'] == "ar_sa" }
هذه صفحة تجريبية بالغة العربية

{elseif $system['language']['code'] == "fr_fr"}
C'est la page de test en français

This is test page in English

Notice that you will put the text of each language you want after the if statement and you can repeat the elseif statement for all languages you have. Also you can get the language code from admin panel -> Languages

Demo page for that

Now change the language to Arabic and to French and English and will see the text has translated to according to the user selected language.

That’s it 😉