How does Sngine Affiliate System Work?

Affiliates will promote your website and will get more traffic. An affiliate program is an automated advertising system that will promote your products or services.

You can enable the Affiliate system from admin panel.

You have 2 options here to decise when your users will earn the money or when the referral will be counted

1- New User Registered

And here is this 2 cases

  1. If you enabled the verification step via email or SMS, The referral will be counted after the activation. so if a new user registered without activate his account the referral will not be counted.
  2. If the activation disabled the referral will be counted after the registration directly.

2- New User Registered & Bought Pro Package

Here the new user must buy a Pro Package so the referral will be counted.

Users can check their balance and get their affiliate link from user settings page.

From admin panel you can manage the payments requests

  • You will need to make the payments from your Paypal/Skrill account.
  • After making the payment you can mark the payment request as paid.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this tutorial, please feel free to create a support ticket on our support system.

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That’s it.