Sngine now has the funding module which allow your users to open funding request so other users can donate. Also allow you to earn some money as a Commission!

First you need to enable this feature from admin panel like this:

You can select who can will have this ability to open/raise funding requests like only Pro users or only verified users.

User can open fund request from different places like this:

Then other users can click on donate button to start donate to this request via any payment method you enabled from admin panel -> settings -> payments settings

The real money will for sure goes to your accounts (PayPal, Stripe … etc) and the author of funding request will be notified that User X donated to his request

Here if you (admin) set a commission like %10 and User X donates $100. The $100 will goes to your accounts but the funding author will be notified that User X donated with $90 ($100 – Commission)

The funding author once his funding request complete and get the target amount then we will be able to open a withdrawal request or transfer this money to his wallet (as you as admin set in fundings settings).

You as admin will be notified that this user asking you to withdraw his money he collected and you will have to pay him via any payment method you set from the fundings settings

Once you send his money you will mark his withdrawal request as accepted and he will be notified that his requested accepted and his money on the way.

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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