How to Edit Header Icons Colors?

In Sngine you can easily change the colors of your header to whatever colors you want to match your needs. You can edit them from the followings templates (content\themes\default\templates) _header.tpl _header.notifications.tpl _header.messages.tpl _header.friend_requests.tpl Example the User icons you can find it here: content\themes\default\templates\_header.friend_requests.tpl That’s it Happy Sngine ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Add new Emojis?

Sngine Use Twemoji-Amazing some thing like FontAwesome but for emojis That based on the Twitter Open Source Emojis or Twemojis Which is totally FREE and has thousands of emojis that you can use Twemoji-Amazing uses Emoji.json as its source of codepoints and descriptions. To find an emoji Read more…