How to update Sngine from version? And there is no files of older version to update?

No you don’t need the old version files at all, Why?

Sngine update process consist of 2 parts:

First Part, Files Update:

The first part of update is to update all files and folder of Sngine to latest version files and folders. Except these files/folders:

  • content/backups (folder)
  • content/uploads (folder)
  • includes/config.php (file)

Note: You will find latest version files and folders inside “Script” folder

Second Part, Database Update:

You will need to update your DB but here we will run the update.php file from each version in order

Note: Some minor releases like v3.9.1 don’t have update.php script then you can skip it and go to next update folder and so on …

Note: You will all update instructions and update scripts inside “Updates” folder after download Sngine package from Codecanyon.

Finally if you want to save your time and effort you can hire our team to do it for you, For any Freelance work you can contact our development team from the contact form:

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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