Our Sngine team is so pleased to announce the release of Sngine 3.6! With some improvements, bug fixes, and updates.

Sngine 3.6 Release Notes:

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Move Sngine JS Dependencies to NPM
  • [Added] FFMPEG Support
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn FFMPEG On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] All Comments Sorting in Comments
  • [Added] Backblaze Cloud Storage
  • [Added] Manage Reserved Usernames [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Profile Image Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Location Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Education Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Work Data Required While Sign Up On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Allow Special Characters in Names [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Share the post to Event
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Pages
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Groups
  • [Added] Publish Articles Inside Events
  • [Added] Posts Views System
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Posts Views System On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Points/Post View in Points System
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Friend Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Follow Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Like Feature
  • [Added] Custom Countries for Auto-Join Feature
  • [Added] Native Emojis Support
  • [Added] Newsfeed Location Filter
  • [Added] Admin ability to Enable/Disable Any Currency [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Pro Package Badge with Comments
  • [Added] Video.js Langauges
  • [Added] New Ads Positions Under The Post & Article
  • [Added] Stories Preview
  • [Fixed] Agora Cloud Recording
  • [Fixed] Wasabi Files Delete After Deleting The Post
  • [Fixed] Update Pages, Groups & Events Counters When Delete User
  • [Fixed] Default Website Description Translation
  • [Fixed] Odysee.com Scraper Bug
  • [Fixed] Dark Mode Pagination Colors
  • [Fixed] Live Video Screenshot
  • [Fixed] Video Calls UI
  • [Fixed] User Online Bug
  • [Fixed] Offers Date Format Match System Date Format
  • [Fixed] Delete Album Photos After Load More
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs

From everyone here at the Sngine team, thank you for your enduring support and we really hope you love this update as much as we do!

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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