Our Sngine team is so pleased to announce the release of Sngine 3.10! With some improvements, bug fixes, and updates.

Sngine 3.10 Release Notes:

  • [Updated] Documentation
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Updated] Sngine PHP Dependencies
  • [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies
  • [Added] Market Purchase Module
  • [Added] Tips To Blogs
  • [Added] Admin ability to turn Switch Accounts On/Off [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Sngine Login as Social Login
  • [Added] Enable/Disable Reactions [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] SMS Limit/Hour
  • [Added] Wallet Transfer Maximum [Admin Panel]
  • [Added] Send Tips in Profiles
  • [Added] User ability to turn Send Tips in his profile On/Off [User Settings]
  • [Added] Tips Button in Pages
  • [Added] Page’s Admin ability to turn Send Tips in his page On/Off [Page Settings]
  • [Added] Products Limits Per Package
  • [Added] Business Tax Info, Address, Website with Pages Verification Requests
  • [Added] Change Profile Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Page Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Group Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Change Event Cover from Old Photos
  • [Added] Hide Permissions For Disabled Modules in Packages
  • [Added] Enhanced The Search System
  • [Added] Products Tab in Profile Page
  • [Added] Manage Profile Top Photos
  • [Added] Manage Profile Top Friends
  • [Added] Photo Link Copy When Sharing Single Photo
  • [Added] Create Funding from Publisher
  • [Added] Page Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Group Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Event Description Supports Multiple Lines
  • [Added] Show User’s Marketplace Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Show User’s Funding Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Show User’s Monetization Balance in Admin Panel
  • [Added] Enhanced Articles Tags System
  • [Added] More Zones for Wasabi Settings
  • [Added] Upgrade FontAwesome to v6+
  • [Added] Upgrade Installer Wizard to v5+
  • [Added] Upgrade Updater Wizard to v5+
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs
  • [Fixed] Change OG-Image with Video Thumbnail
  • [Fixed] Exclude None-Activated Users From New People
  • [Fixed] Exclude Super Admin From New People
  • [Fixed] Ads for Pages & Groups
  • [Fixed] Noty Notification not Clickable
  • [Fixed] Pro Packages Price Format
  • [Fixed] Profiles/Pages/Groups/Events UI make info first
  • [Fixed] Stories ADS Last More Than 24 Hours
  • [Fixed] Funding Post’s Title Open New Window
  • [Fixed] Change People UI Make Search At Bottom
  • [Fixed] Hide Boosted Pages if Pages Disabled From Sidebar Menu
  • [Fixed] Super Admin Can Change His User Group
  • [Fixed] OneSignal Icon Position Issue

From everyone here at the Sngine team, thank you for your enduring support and we really hope you love this update as much as we do!

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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