It is finally here! Our Sngine team is so pleased to announce the release of Sngine 2.4! We have been working so hard for a very long time to bring you some great new features, improvements, bug fixes, and updates. You’ll enjoy a beautiful many more features to help manage your site.

Sngine 2.4 Release Notes:

– [Updated] System Security
– [Updated] System optimization
– [Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS|Embed|HybridAuth|PayPal|PHPMailer|reCAPTCHA|Smarty|Stripe|Twilio|]
– [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [jQuery|Bootstrap|Mustache|html5shiv|slimscroll|autosize|readmore|moment|datetimepicker|DataTables]
– [Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Font-Awesome|Twemoji-Awesome|Flag-Icon]
– [Updated] Installer Wizard & Pre-Installation Check

– [Added] New Mobile UI Enhancement
– [Added] Support RTL text with LRT languages
– [Added] Charts to Admin Panel
– [Added] Enable/Disable Directory from admin panel
– [Added] Enable/Disable Market from admin panel
– [Added] Enable/Disable Contact us page from admin panel
– [Added] Contact Us page
– [Added] Enable/Disable Verification Requests from admin panel
– [Added] Enable/Disable Advanced Link Scraper from admin panel
– [Added] Advanced Link Scraper (to support short links like:…)
– [Added] Registration via Subscriptions Only
– [Added] Enable/Disable Pro Packages from admin panel
– [Added] SMS Verfication
– [Added] Registration age restriction
– [Added] New Social Login [Instagram]
– [Added] SMTP SSL Encryption
– [Added] SMTP setFrom Email Address
– [Added] Test SMTP Connection from admin panel
– [Added] Email Notifications
– [Added] Enable/Disable Email notifications from admin panel
– [Added] SMS via Twilio
– [Added] Test SMS API Connection from admin panel
– [Added] Amazon S3 integration for uploads
– [Added] Payments Settings in admin panel
– [Added] PayPal payments
– [Added] CreditCard, BitCoin, Alipay payments
– [Added] 24 Currency
– [Added] Edit index wallpaper from admin panel
– [Added] Ability to add free custom CSS from admin panel
– [Added] Manage Market Categories from admin panel
– [Added] Manage Pro Packages
– [Added] Ability to Customize Pro Packages
– [Added] Manage Pro Subscribers
– [Added] Report Pro Packages Earnings
– [Added] Affiliates System
– [Added] Manage Affiliates Settings from admin panel
– [Added] Manage Affiliates Withdrawal Requests from admin panel
– [Added] Reports Enhancements in admin panel
– [Added] Blocking (Banned IPs) in admin panel
– [Added] Verification Requests for Users
– [Added] Verification Requests for Pages
– [Added] Verification Requests Manager in admin panel
– [Added] Custom User Profile Fields
– [Added] Privacy Settings for Custom Profile Fields
– [Added] Staic Pages in footer menu option
– [Added] Newsletter (aka Mailing list)
– [Added] Add multiple ads in the same place
– [Added] Add multiple widgets in the same place
– [Added] Relationship Status, Biography, Website & Social Links in user profile
– [Added] Mutiple Sessions
– [Added] Mutiple Sessions Manager from user settings
– [Added] Enable/Disable Email notifications from user settings
– [Added] Enhance Username Validation (with reserved words)
– [Added] Make System Path in the config file not the database
– [Added] Manage User Affiliates from from user settings
– [Added] Manage User Affiliates Withdrawal Requests from user settings
– [Added] Post Feelings
– [Added] Polls
– [Added] Market
– [Added] Add verified icon with search results

– [Fixed] Installation with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode defined
– [Fixed] Mobile image orientation after uploading
– [Fixed] Visitor “like, share & comment” issue
– [Fixed] Publisher dropdown menu if video/audio/file upload are disabled
– [Fixed] Privacy settings for chat when chat is disabled by the admin
– [Fixed] Link scraper ‘http://..’ typing error message
– [Fixed] Image uploader CSS bug
– [Fixed] Recaptcha CSS bug in sign up & home page
– [Fixed] GIF Player CSS bug
– [Fixed] CloudFlare IP addresses
– [Fixed] Publisher textarea height after new post
– [Fixed] Comment textarea height after new comment
– [Fixed] User’s privacy settings of [friends|pages|groups] for visitors
– [Fixed] Read more with fixed height not number of lines for post and comment
– [Fixed] Chat Bugs
– [Fixed] Minor bugs

From everyone here at the Sngine team, thank you for your enduring support and we really hope you love this update as much as we do!

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