Sngine Use Twemoji-Amazing which like FontAwesome but for emojis

That based on the Twitter Open Source Emojis or Twemojis

Which is totally FREE and has thousands of emojis that you can use

Twemoji-Amazing uses Emoji.json as its source of codepoints and descriptions.

To find an emoji of your liking, check out the official Emoji list.

Replace spaces with hyphens to get the class name! (e.g. “person in suit levitating” becomes “person-in-suit-levitating“)

From admin panel you will click “Add new emoji” button then add the native emoji & pattern

You can get native emoji from here:

For native emoji you will need to copy/paste the emoji itself as shown:

And BOOOM that’s it

For Skin List


That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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