Sngine or any other social network script else will use a lot of server resources. Sngine like any other social network use a real-time tech to keep users up to date not just for chat.

How many users/request can Sngine hold?

This totally depends on your server(s) not the code, Check this for info:

So shared Hosting is a good starting point but will not the right place to host a growing social network script and you should think to move to a VPS then to dedicated server that will be much better than shared hosting then to separate the HTTP server from the Database server to load balance finally and the best will be cloud hosting like Amazon or Google

To running a social network script smoothly you have 2 things:

1- Very good code with all optimizations and cache system.

2- Good servers to handle this traffic.

Sngine already is optimized in all aspects back-end and front-end; Sngine is #1 on PageSpeed Test from Google

Also you must know that you will never get Facebook, Twitter, Google+ for $59 ~ $99 or even $200+ you as network manager or website owner must do your own work to scale up your website for examples:

1- You can hire a server admin (part-time/full-time) to manage server(s) for you.

2- You can hire a web developer (part-time/full-time) to add more caching layers like memcached or redis

So when you got high server load you must know it’s the time to scale up moving from VPS to VPS will not solve the problem also move from Sngine to any other social network script will not solve the problem. simply scale up your network hosting

Finally you can check our recommended hosting provider from here:

That’s it.

Happy Sngine 🙂

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